Factors that can contribute to arthritis and remedies via bioresonance research to seek out root causes and apply a customized solution based protocol.

Determining causal factors: how congested is the body, how much stress is the system under, dietary factors, toxins, environment, emotional disturbances, and spiritual imbalances.

Inflammation on most levels is due to congestion at a cellular level, in the glands, organs, and overall throughout the system. The body in it’s intelligent design crystallizes metabolic wastes when the organs or glands are full and cannot perform their processes at optimal capacity. These crystals are sent off to spaces, normally joints and muscles, to be retrieved, processed, and eliminated once the body has a decrease in congestion and has clean processing centers cleared and available.

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Of course, we are happy to share our wellness information. However, the most ideal scenario is each individual fully taking their health into their hands. By providing a tool that allows a person to conduct research into the state of their health and well-being in order to follow the most appropriate protocols for optimal health. The BioRez Meta has been used to gather accurate and non-invasive data for a mass amount of individuals seeking to heal themselves.