BIORez Theta Health Analyzer NLS


This is our concise and compact bioresonance diagnostic and meta-therapy tool. Choose your investigation from a large database of topics including microorganisms/helminths, pathology, biochemical homeostasis, allergens, emotion matrix, chakras and aura, toxins, heavy metals and many more. Correct imbalances and remediate disease with meta-therapy.

Accurate and convenient diagnosis is a cornerstone of vibrant health in this modern age.  Non-linear system technologies (NLS) have proven their worth to us as a modern-day essential tool for maintaining personal wellness.  The BIORez Theta Health Analyzer NLS is such a device that possesses profound abilities to accurately measure and even forecast disease and illness.  It is able to inspect and diagnose the health of an individual by generating electromagnetic pulses of known frequencies.  These signature sound waves are broadcast into your field using bio-inductive headphones. The resultant resonance is measured, resolved, and organized for practical use.  The scope of research is determined by the topics and inspections you choose from the extensive database included in the software.

Topics and types of inspections available:

Microorganisms (aka parasites, pathogens) – check for the presence of acute/chronic infections and active parasites in the body.  126 different types of microorganisms can be identified.

Some of the main microorganisms tested include:

  • bacterias – borrelia (Lyme disease), e. coli, h. pylori, kingella, salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, toxoplasma, mycoplasma, ureaplasma
  • fungus – aspergillus, candida, mucor
  • protozoa – giardia, histolytica, leishmania, entamoeba
  • viruses – coronaviruses, adenovirus, AIDS, cytomegalovirus, ebola, Epstein Barr, hepatitis, herpes, influenzas, rhinoviruses, rotavirus
  • worms – ascaris, roundworm, fluke, hookworm, pinworm, threadworm, trichinella, tapeworm

Pathology – check for the presence of disease and injury conditions currently taking place.  There are 688 types of pathology in the database.

Allergens – check for the presence of allergic elements including chemicals, drugs, foods, heavy metals, household.  There are 181 types of allergens in the database.

Toxins – check for the presence of toxins including alcohol, caffeine, carbon monoxide, chemicals, dairy, drugs, food, gluten, injury, other metals, radiation, sugar, tobacco and more.  There are 30 types of allergens in the database.

Foodthis topic can identify beneficial foods specific to your field, organs, and present conditions. if there is a strong response to certain foods then this can signify deficiencies and foods that your body can benefit from. There are 240 types of food in the database.

Parapharmaceuticals and Neutraceuticals – from a list of hundreds of test items, this topic can identify beneficial natural medicines specific to your field, organs, and present conditions.

Topics and Test Items Listing

Download the complete Topic and Test Items Listing

Brief History and Background

This device is principally based upon electromagnetism research and discoveries of Nikola TeslaGeorge Lakhovsky’s studies on the effects of radio waves on animal and plant life directly contributed to the development of this technology. Royal Rife took it to another level with his research on electromagnetism and the human body. He helped pioneer the new era of bio-electromagnetic therapy. His work is fundamental to the development of this technology known as Non-Linear Analysis System (NLS).  Later discoveries and application of the principles of resonance by R. Voll and Kirlian helped solidify the validity of this new era of energetic medicine.


The included software contains standard diagnostic reports and the option to fully customize reports.  Here is an example of a custom report:
BIOREZ Research Lab Results Report

Out of the Box

All that is needed to start benefiting from the Theta is a laptop or desktop computer with the following minimum requirements:

  • Operating System: Win7/8/10 (32/64bits), Mac via Parallel Desktop Emulation
  • Display Size: 14 inch+
  • CPU: Intel I5/I7
  • RAM: 4G
  • Data Storage: 2GB+

Usability and Training

Digital Manuals are included on a portable USB drive.  You can view these manuals here as well:

The user manual should get you started on how to use the device to diagnose and treat.  We do offer additional remote live technical support and training via Jitsi Meet.


  • Scanning Accuracy of 85% – 95%
  • 2D Unit Scanning Method
  • 2 Bio-sensors
  • Fast full scan duration of 25 minutes
  • 886 types of organ scans
  • Microorganism Analysis
  • Pathology Analysis
  • Emotional Analysis
  • Chakra and Aura Analysis
  • Meridians Analysis
  • Food Analysis
  • Allergen Analysis
  • Allopathic Medicine Analysis
  • Kit Dimensions (cm): 30 L x 30 W x10 H
  • Software Languages: English, Polish, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Croatian, Serbian, Russian, Dutch, Hungarian, Malay, Japanese, Greek, Bulgarian, Chinese
  • Delivery Time: 5 to 7 days upon receipt of payment
  • Delivery Method: DHL Courier Worldwide Service
  • Price includes shipping but does not include local taxes and destination charges
  • Warranty: 3 years

Wellness Sovereignty

The benefits of this device include:

  • wellness sovereignty and greater dependence only on oneself for vibrant health
  • a tool for learning more about the human body and the inner workings of it
  • privately offer diagnosis and therapy to others for exchanges and/or donations


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