Enso Parasite Sweeper


This bio-resonance sweeper helps eliminate parasites from your body including worms, protozoa, bacteria, viruses, fungus and other parasites. It is a small, light weight and portable generator of programmable electromagnetic frequencies and an inductive field.

The innovative Sweeper device has been designed to remove all burdens and toxins from the human body, including fungi, pathogens that have a direct impact on the condition and well-being. Thanks to the bioresonance waves and the induction loop integrated with the device, you can reach the hard-to-reach corners of the body, strengthening it and stimulating energy resources.

Bioresonance (in English. Bioresonance Therapy – BRT) discovered and developed by the American scientist and inventor Rife, who around 1931 discovered the so-called vibration of death MOR (mortal oscillatory rates). Thanks to the machine built by himself, the so-called The Beam Ray Machine could destroy the pathogens with the help of high frequencies. When subjected to destructive vibration, the microorganisms lost their integrity and disintegrated. Rife explained that only pathogens or diseased cells can be destroyed in this way. Every living thing, bacterium, virus, and even a simple biochemical compound has its own unique frequency pattern, a type of electromagnetic signature that is genetically determined and distinct from others.

This device is unique in that it employs Rife, Dr. Clark, and other researchers’ discoveries.  We haven’t found any other devices that use electrodes and an induction cable.  When used together this intensifies and extends the range of the therapy.  This also results in shorter sessions hence more programs can be used daily. Another huge benefit is that you can use the induction cable by itself for children (while sleeping is best) or when the electrodes cannot be used.  Please view the videos below for more information – they are in polish and there are subtitle options.


The Sweeper device, created and designed with the above principle of operation in mind, is able to relatively quickly and painlessly reach microorganisms deeply buried in the body’s tissue structures in cysts and bones. Thanks to the double power of action – the use of the so-called hand electrodes (frequency-resonance therapy), and an induction loop (pulsed magnetic field), you can get the desired results faster and more accurately. The device offers 435 therapeutic programs, which can be extended by a further 3775 through the included computer program. Such a powerful spectrum. Sweeper’s possibilities is an ideal antidote in combating all symptoms of many serious ailments such as Lyme disease, allergies, diabetes, cardiovascular system, chronic conditions.

Overcoming toxins will become non-invasive, painless, and easier, the body will return to its proper functioning by natural methods, thanks to which you will feel much better and regain good condition. Sweeper is perfect for natural medicine and wellness clinics, as well as for private use.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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