Comprehensive Diagnostic and Therapy

Bioresonance Diagnostic and Therapy

  • 3 hours
  • Newt Patterson Road

Service Description

Scope of Analysis: Pathologies, Microorganisms, Emotions, Heavy Metals, Toxins, Allergens, Meta Therapy, Portable Rife Treatment via the ENSO Sweeper, and Remote Medical Biomagnet Session. We will check your field/DNA for microorganisms, parasites, pathology, emotions, toxins, heavy metals, and other health topics employing bioresonance technology. The Comprehensive Diagnostic session is extremely thorough and in depth analysis of all the organs, glands, and some tissues throughout the body covering the cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, nervous, excretory, lymphatic, reproductive and meridian systems. Bioresonance analysis can help identify root causes of illness, dysfunction, or sub-optimal health. Personal and accurate information about the biofield and the state of the body are essential for self healing. A report is generated and we discuss and consult each topic or etalon presenting and potentially contributing to the current state of health or lack there of. As part of this consultation we share several options to begin a protocol to rid the body of any undesired conditions. In addition, we share knowledge and provide sources for clients to obtain unconventional or alternative medicines in which we have found to be powerful tools for healing. We are happy to answer questions and ensure that each client fully understands the path to their recovery back to optimal health. Includes: Biorez Meta Lab Results, Energy Level of Organs Report, Brief Consultation, and Medical Biomagnetism Report. For best results do not eat 3 hours before appointment.

Contact Details

  • 1821 Newt Patterson Road, Mansfield, TX, USA